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How to Learn French through Reading

Why reading in French is beneficial; Delving into French literature is an excellent way to enhance your language skills. But it isn't just about language improvement; it's an enriching journey into French culture, enhancing comprehension, and discovering new authors. It opens up a whole new world, and Kube is here to guide you with practical advice to start reading in French with ease.

Starting Simple

A men reading a book in French in librairy

It's crucial to align your first reading in French with your current language level. Opting for simple materials, such as children's stories, graphic novels (Bande dessinée), short stories, or texts designed for language learners, is an effective strategy. These resources offer easily digestible vocabulary and simple sentence structures, laying a solid foundation for language skills and cultural understanding.

Gradually Increasing Difficulty

Once comfortable with the basics, gradually transition to more challenging materials. This could include contemporary novels or even familiar books in their French editions. It's important to be mindful of literary genres, as genres like fantasy or science fiction might introduce unique vocabularies specific to their imaginative worlds. Conversely, modern literature tends to be more approachable than classical texts, which often feature formal and dated language.

Suggested Starter Books

Choosing a book can be a challenge, especially in another language, that is why we have chosen three books for your reading in French, that are easy to read and different to please everybody.

Couverture du livre le petit prince d'Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (Folio Edition): This timeless novella, rich in allegory and metaphor, tells the story of a young prince who travels the universe, gaining insights into human nature and the peculiarities of grown-ups. It's a profound reflection on loneliness, friendship, love, and loss, presented through the lens of a child's innocence.

Couverture de la bande dessinée : Loire di Etienne Davodeau

Loire by Etienne Davodeau (Futuropolis): This graphic novel invites readers on a nostalgic journey with Louis as he revisits the banks of the Loire River. Responding to an invitation from Agathe, Louis embarks on a serene and introspective journey, richly illustrated, capturing the essence of memory and the beauty of the French countryside.

Couverture du roman : Le Petit Nicolas di René Goscinny

Le Petit Nicolas by René Goscinny (Folio): A charming and humorous series that offers vignettes from the life of Nicolas, a mischievous French schoolboy. Through his adventures and everyday school life, readers get a delightful glimpse into French culture and society from a child's perspective.

Utilizing Language Tools

Employ dictionaries and translators judiciously, preferably digital ones for quick access. The key is to not interrupt your reading flow by looking up every unfamiliar word. Reserve these tools for critical moments where understanding hinges on a specific term.

The Power of Reading Aloud and Audiobooks

a person taking notes while reading a book

Enhance your learning by reading in French aloud or integrating audiobooks. This practice solidifies the connection between the auditory and visual aspects of the language. Complement this by writing summaries in French of each chapter, thereby reinforcing comprehension and expression.

Engaging with Reading Groups

People discussing about a book in a bookclub

Joining a reading group can be both enjoyable and beneficial. It provides a platform for sharing experiences, insights, and diverse perspectives on different books, either with native French speakers or fellow learners. This social interaction motivates and helps establish a regular reading habit.

Learning takes time

A shelf full of books espacially French classics

Starting to read in a new language can be overwhelming, but this structured approach aims to make the process enjoyable and manageable. Learning takes time, and progress at any pace is a milestone to be celebrated.

Following these guidelines for reading in French will make your journey into French and the learning process enjoyable and rewarding. It's an excellent way to delve into French literature and culture. Join Kube, and let our independent booksellers select the perfect book for you and your preferences, whether it's a paperback through Kube Originale, a large format book with Kube Majuscule, or a graphic novel with Kube Dessinée. These personalized book boxes are a fantastic way to start your French reading adventure!


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